The shadows for children are a magical thing, all to discover, to become a playmate to be reckoned with.

The sun behind us allowed us to discover that “we project” shadows,
or rather, while we were going to kindergarten we agreed that something was moving with us, uhm … with us or alone ???

Let’s try to move our dinosaur. Hey! the dinosaur moves and even the thing that follows us moves.

We have thus taken advantage of our new discovery to make some games at home using the book of Tullet “the game of shadows”. A black hardcover book with die cuts of designs and shapes that allowed us to play, have fun and experiment.

Playing with the shadows we projected and that we could try to touch and chase.

We have fun trying to interpret shapes, as we sometimes do with clouds, and inventing small stories and always different stories.

And in the end to experience that by changing the position of the light beam or that of the book the shadows move like magic.

We’ll see what happens when we look at the lights …