chestnut period

The chestnut harvest season has arrived this year.
Our enthusiasm for research is always high, the race in the hunt for the most beautiful and great chestnut cannot be missed and at the end of the walk in the woods the pricey booty is considerable and is carefully placed in bags to be taken home … healthy and except

But, with the chestnuts, we also trapped in our bags those new little animals friends, yes, we realized that some chestnuts contained small white worms. Searching the net we imagine it is the larvae of Cydia splendana: a butterfly!
We discovered a new animal and his matamorphosis, from caterpillar to chrysalis, interested us a lot, but now what to do with chestnuts that we could no longer eat?

After releasing all the little worms in the garden we decided to do with the chestnuts of the animals or try, using toothpicks, to create shapes.
In the picture you can see the creations of which we are most proud of which are still on display in our bookshop.